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Legacy Leadership Consulting and Training
Dr. Joi® provides a full range of management consulting services and customized training programs that inspire Leaders to build their Legacy through People, Performance & Profits.

Dr. Joi® conducts workshops, seminars and events for large groups, small group intensive workshops and individual, specialized legacy leader consulting. These services are tailored to individual and corporate that can be featured as best practice policies or combined to meet regulation compliance.




Executive Coaching
Dr. Joi® uses her unique skills to collect and analyze information, plan a client coaching strategy, interact with the executive and design progressive strategies.


Using proven principles Dr. Joi® will coach and mentor the client, providing the opportunity for peer discussion and effectiveness evaluation. Her clients will receive a new way to look at their workplace, their team and their ability to leave a legacy for future generations.





Sister Girls™ is an international Sisterhood of Legacy Leaders who are committed to the advancement and empowerment of women, families and our communities. Our global mission is sharing, learning and leveraging our combined Legacies. Together we can heal ourselves and the planet by creating a global Legacy, Pathway and Footprint for others.


PECO Smart Ideas Team & Dr. Joi, Legacy Pathways help Business Leaders learn how to save Energy and Money.



Dr. Joi, with Doyle Beneby, former President Exelon Power
as he receives his Legacy Leadership Award.



Dr. Joi®, Co-Chair of the Women’s Leadership Committee for the Mayor’s Commission on African and Caribbean Immigrant Affairs and Co-Chair of the First International Black Women’s Forum on Educations, Diversity and Identity took place in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Dr. Joi® also led a workshop on “Sister Girls™ Legacy Leadership: Building International Economic and Business Growth Strategies"


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