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As a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Legacy Leadership & Communications Expert, and Author my customized speaking engagements, lectures, executive coaching, training and mentorship programs are designed to create engaging win-win outcomes. I have inspired clients globally with principles of personal and professional self-mastery enabling the audience to imagine creating a Legacy, Pathways and Footprints for others.

Topics include: Legacy Leadership, Communications, Diversity Inclusion, Team Building, Change Management, Renewal Energy, Professional and Personal Growth

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 Client Testimony

"A truly awe inspiring presentation. The audience was informed, inspired and truly entertained. We look forward to your upcoming Keynote Address at the PUC, AABE and PECO Energy Summit."


Nancy Mifflin, President, Philadelphia Charter of the National African American Blacks In Energy (AABE)



         Baba Taiye Renfrow, Distante and David Marcy, CBS3
Congratulates Dr. Joi on the success of Legacy Pathway’s
Energy Demand-Side Business Leaders Outreach Program
for PECO

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